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Geek Week: 18 Days and an Interview with Grant Morrison

18daystitleLast week we gave you a preview of Grant Morrison and Graphic India’s latest project, the animated, comic-inspired 18 Days. Today, as part of Geek Week’s Global Geekery Day, Graphic India is premiering the retelling of the Eastern legend of the Mahabharata, the longest epic in world literature. The story centers on an 18 day war between 18 armies (originally divided into 18 books as well). Morrison has updated the story to include super soldiers and genetically engineered elephants, but it stills carries the weight of a culture’s legacy.

In the first episode, find out the history of the four ages and witness the beginning of the end of the age of Gods and the birth of the age of man. Check out the first episode now:

During Comic-Con I was lucky enough to have a discussion with Grant and Graphic India’s Sharad Devarajan and Gotham Chopra about the new animated series and how they set about bringing a historical legend to modern audiences. Plus, we talk more about those genetically engineered elephants.