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Gatsby NES: Greatest. Found Item. EVER.

I’m kind of speechless here, being a oft-unabashedly bookish nerd and also slavishly nostalgic about my 8-bit gaming past. As such, this story is a little bit like a fairy tale. One that involves little Nick Carraway firing at flappers and butlers with his hat…

Yes, there is an open-source Great Gatsby NES game you can play online. No, you have not had one too many martinis this morning, Old Sport.

Here’s the background from the game’s highly minimal website:

If anybody has more info about this please let me know! As it is, I really don’t know much about this game. I found it at a yard sale. I bought it for 50 cents and went home to try it out. After dusting off my NES for like, 20 minutes I got it working, and jesus. So weird. Apparently it’s an unreleased localization of a Japanese cart called “Doki Doki Toshokan: Gatsby no Monogatari”, but I haven’t found anything about that either.

As I’ve provided the link, if you have any further info to share with these guys about the origin of this game, you are highly encouraged to do so.  The rest of you, please join me in the garden for what is sure to be hours of time-wasting in the very, very near future. (Seriously, if there is an 8-bit rendering of Daisy running over Myrtle with the car, I’ll get up and do the Charleston myself…)

Jump: Space bar
Shoot: Z (in full-screen mode, Tab)
Move: Arrow keys
Full screen mode: F