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Gary Oldman Looks Ready to Leap Into More Sci-fi With CRIMINAL

Gary Oldman Looks Ready to Leap Into More Sci-fi With CRIMINAL

Gary Oldman isn’t done with sci-fi, it seems: the actor is in negotiations to join the thriller Criminal as a CIA chief. If the deal goes through, that would make a trifecta of science fiction roles for the actor including this weekend’s Dawn of the Planet of the Apes for Fox and the Robocop remake for MGM.

So what’s the deal with Criminal? According to The Hollywood Reporter, who broke the news about the casting deal, the film follows a prison inmate who is implanted with the memories of a KIA CIA agent in order to thwart some kind of plot. Kevin Costner has already signed on for a role in the film, and the film’s IMDB page is claiming that Hulk star Eric Bana has been cast as someone called “Heimdahl,” although you should always take IMDB casting with a grain of salt until the studio makes an official confirmation.

The Iceman writer-director Ariel Vromen is set to direct Criminal from a script by David Weisberg. The material doesn’t seem like too much of a leap for Vromen, whose script for The Iceman put viewers in the mind of another dangerous man, real-life hitman Richard Kuklinski who was locked up in the mid-80’s for a string of mob hits.

This Criminal shouldn’t be confused with Ed Brubaker’s Criminal, which is also headed to the big screen. The first arc of the critically-acclaimed crooks and also crooks creator-owned comic, “Coward,” is in development with The Good, The Bad, and the Weird director Kim Jee-Woon (replacing previously-announced director David Slade).

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