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Garfunkel, Oates, and Cats, Lots Of Cats

Garfunkel and Oates, a/k/a the Nerdist Podcast network’s Making It host Riki Lindhome and Kate Micucci, have a new video out this week for their song “My Apartment’s Very Clean Without You,” and it’s a) very cool and b) animated by Deanna Rooney, who you may know as a fine artist and accomplished animator whose work has appeared on G4 and Comedy Central, or from her connection to one Jonah Ray. Either way, she did a terrific job (“terrific” standing in for “amazing” because I’m trying very hard to cut back on using that word, even when it’s appropriate).

Besides, it’s hard to resist a video that involves cats portraying Molotov cocktails, trash cans, dirty ashtrays, apartment keys, and sweat socks. Talented, those cats are.