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Gaming Daily: Lindsay Lohan Continues Fight To Sue Take-Two Interactive

Gaming Daily: Lindsay Lohan Continues Fight To Sue Take-Two Interactive

It is Friday deans and queens, and what a hell of a note that we shall end on this week? When big time celebrities and video games mix, there’s a 50/50 chance things will end well. You be the judge of how the latest of these situations is going in the latest Gaming Daily.

GTAV Beach girl

Lindsay Lohan continues her journey to sue Take-Two Interactive

Take a look at the photo above. Look closely, then look away, and then look intensely at it again. Linday Lohan, bless her heart, thinks that this photo resembles her, and thus is continuing her lawsuit adventure against Take-Two Interactive. This all started three months ago, when Lohan presented a 10-page lawsuit to the folks at Take-Two, peeved at the fact that her likeness was allegedly ripped off for the game’s promotional material. The Hollywood Reporter came across the details of a revised lawsuit today, claiming it to be “bulked up” from a 10-page document filled with misspellings and complaints, to a 67-page document that conveys Lohan’s grievances in a far more detailed manner. Uh oh.

Kate Upton

Now take a look at this other picture that sits above these words. That is Kate Upton featured in an issue of Sports Illustrated on the far left. Now let your eyes gradually advance to the right. Everyone’s going to draw their own conclusions, but if I had to bet my last dime, I’d bet it on the GTA V beach girl definitely resembling Upton above anyone else in the public eye. Gah, if only Lohan would focus more on something like, oh, I don’t know, maybe BRINGING BACK MEAN GIRLS. Please?

[HT: The Hollywood Reporter]


Dragon Age: Inquisition will indeed run in 1080p on the PS4.

While some game developers feel that “console parity” is important for their games, others believe it is best to maximize the capabilities of each platform. The folks at Bioware are no exception, making the claim of a 1080p PS4 version of their upcoming title Dragon Age: Inquisition on twitter:

This could easily be seen as a swipe at Ubisoft Montreal, who has been under a sea of scrutiny for capping the the PS4 version of Assassin’s Creed: Unity at 900p, so that i will match the Xbox One version. While I personally don’t find resolution in games to be a deal breaker (as long as it’s 720 an up), I have to say that I wouldn’t mind seeing what a game like Dragon Age: Inquisition would look like running in luscious 4K.

[HT: Twitter]

PlayStation announces fan convention in Las Vegas.

Members of the PlayStation Nation are in for a treat: the video game brand will be hosting a huge fan event in Las Vegas on December 6-7. PlayStation is finally putting their flag down in the convention scene, and word on the streets is that this event is expected to take place for years to come. The fact that it’s PlayStation’s 20th anniversary is definitely a good reason to kick this off, though I expected PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo to have done this quite some time ago. Way to be ahead of the competitors, Yoshida.

Alright folks, that’s your daily dose of gaming goodness. Make sure you stay tuned here on Nerdist for all of your breaking video game news, to talk about our beloved medium, or to just chat on Twitter. I’m only one tweet away: @Malik4play.

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  1. Ray Rua says:

    OMG That Is Upton Not Lindsay That doesn’t look like her she just wasting I know almost all blond girls look alike but Uhhh Good TRy Lindsay!

  2. Chad says:

    Lindsay needs money for drugs

  3. Vince says:

    I like some of the details that Kotaku found out and shared in this bulked-up document. This kind of stuff is ridiculous:
    “Another particularly fun line in the suit: ‘Multiple people in the general public have reached out to the Plaintiff believing [Lacey Jonas] was the Plaintiff, creating consumer confusion in the market place.'”
    Who the eff is doing this “confusion”? Who’s like, “I need to hire Lindsay Lohan for my movie! Wait – what’s she doing in that box. Son, how are you controlling these people. GET OUT OF THAT CAR! Go back to Lindsay – I need to ask her to star in my movie!” lol. Jeez louise. Consumer Confusion is, like, for The Asylum (those people who make ‘mockbuster’ movies like Atlantic Rim, Age of Hobbits, and Transmorphers). This should be impossible for ‘Team Lohan’ to prove in court. Go get ’em, Take-Two! 
    I hate frivolous lawsuits like this. 

  4. alex says:

    I’m scroopy noopers. I’m a scientist.

  5. MightyTim says:

    Sure its not actually her likeness but she’s dumb and she’s blonde.. OK she’s not actually blonde, but that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t get paid for work she didn’t do….never mind. 

  6. kerrell says:

    Sounds like the wack job that is Lohan is just desperate for money.she should stick to what she does best, snortin lines and bad acting.Moving on..great news about Dragon age since I’ll be getting it for my PS4 I’m very excited about this game. Man I wish I could go to the PS fan convention I bet it will be a blast.

  7. Sam says:

    You’ve got the right idea but the wrong info Malik. Lohan’s issue was never with the picture, but rather the depiction of the drugged-up starlet in-game. She claims they based the character on her and that’s why she’s suing, it’s not image rights as in still-image

    • Nate says:

      I’m siding with Sam on this one, the character in game, is a recurring “mission” one.  each dialogue she goes on about how much papparazzi stalk her, her drug addiction issues, and superstar status.  she comes off vapid, vain, etc. and her exploits loosely parallel Lohan’s.

  8. kt_pierce says:

    You might want to correct your own spelling before cracking a joke about Lohan’s.

     It’s “…draw their own conclusions…” not “…draw there own conclusions…”.

    But yeah, that looks absolutely nothing like her. At all.