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GAME OF THRONES Updates from the Sterks and Dannytanner (…Wait, What?)

GAME OF THRONES Updates from the Sterks and Dannytanner (…Wait, What?)

Listen: we all know HBO’s Game of Thrones is an involved, complicated world. There are a lot of locations, characters, and moving parts, so it’s easy to get confused — or even mix up tiny details with the fantasy worlds of others. (We promise we won’t take away your nerd points. It happens.) For those wondering what the deal is with Good King Jeffrey, the elusive Dannytanner, and the last of the dragons Jon Arryn, look no further than CollegeHumor’s hilariously inaccurate take on the past 3 (oh, sorry: 5!) seasons of the George R.R. Martin novel series turned TV show. Because, let’s be real: this show can be absurd as shit, so why not poke fun at it where we can, eh? (Helps ease the pain of Red Wedding if you can laugh through the tears.)

If you’re looking for something a bit more on the nose (and also legitimate), we’d suggest Nerdist’s own video recap. And not that we’re suggesting it, but if you had any friends that are gullible enough, we totally wouldn’t put it past you to try and trick them with this “recap” and then ask them to recount it to others.

It’s the final countdown, folks! Are you ready for Game of Thrones‘ return this Sunday? Joined our fantasy fantasy league yet? Let us know in the comments!


  1. Django says:

    Back on Tatooine…LOL!!!!