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GAME OF THRONES Theme Gets a Totally Rad ’80s Dance Remix

GAME OF THRONES Theme Gets a Totally Rad ’80s Dance Remix

Put on your neon spandex and get ready to dance your buns of steel off to this Game of Thrones ’80s dance remix.

Created by Steve Duzz, this take on the HBO drama’s theme song is filled with so much synth that you’ll stop, put on your wayfarer sunglasses, and start doing the robot.

Listen to the tubular take below:

I don’t know about you, but the build up in the beginning of the remix is so good that when it really starts to pick up, I’m already fist pumping like a college frat boy. In fact, Steve Duzz’s take is so good that I wouldn’t be surprised if we heard this mix at the club scene tonight. The only downside is that the tune is just shy of a minute and a half long, but it can be fixed with a never ending replay loop.

Does this ’80s take of the Game of Thrones theme make you feel all nostalgic or do you want it as dead as all White Walkers? Sound off in the comments below.


  1. SharlzG says:

    reminds me a lot of the Airwolf theme…and I’m totally ok with that