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GAME OF THRONES “The Laws of Gods and Men” Preview: Crazy Risk-Taking is Afoot

GAME OF THRONES “The Laws of Gods and Men” Preview: Crazy Risk-Taking is Afoot

Man, the Lannisters are really losing it, aren’t they? With danger flitting about them at seemingly every turn — that’s what happens when you rule seven kingdoms with a bastard-born son of two siblings, neither of whom was the actual king, just saying — it’s no wonder they’re acting so reckless on Game of Thrones. After this week’s “First of His Name,” we’re due for a little bit of danger. And the preview for next week’s “The Last of Gods and Men” seems to promise just that. (Get your fantasy fantasy leagues ready, folks!)

With Yara on the hunt for Theon/Reek, Stannis looking to take a big ol’ loan out from the oft-discussed and never-seen (until now!) Iron Bank, and the news that Dany is reigning over newly minted freefolk over in Slaver’s Bay — in addition to their farcical trial against Tyrion — it’s no wonder the blondest family in Westeros is looking a little squirrelly.

Just like Ramsay Snow/Bolton states, we’re sure next Sunday’s episode is going to “turn into a lovely evening.” Yeah, one filled with murder, sure-to-be falsified trials, and more than a few socio/psychopaths tearing through some nasty business.

Anyone else get a bit too excited when Tyrion leaned in like that at the end? What do you think he’s going to say? Let us know in the comments.

‘Game of Thrones’ airs Sunday nights at 10 PM on HBO.


  1. Baird says:

    He’ll probably say something witty and sarcastic.