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GAME OF THRONES Supercut Shows the Very Best of Good King Joffrey

GAME OF THRONES Supercut Shows the Very Best of Good King Joffrey

WARNING — this video and post contain a MAJOR SPOILER from season four of Game of Thrones. If you haven’t watched “The Lion and The Rose,” turn away now or don’t complain when you ruin it for yourself!

Oh, the good and kind and kingly Joffrey Baratheon, sweetest, most gentle, most docile creature in all of Westeros — it is a dauntless task to count your myriad deeds and generous doings when it comes to the Seven Kingdoms. You’ve always been so pure of heart and mind! But HBO has managed to compile all the goodness in wee Joff’s all-too-brief life (R.I.P.) into one supercut video for your viewing pleasure. It’s an appropriate way to honor the now-fallen, misunderstood king, who was taken from this earth far too soon — he never had a chance to really love, you guys! (I bet that would’ve solved everything and kept him in the fantasy fantasy league forevermore.)

Let’s take a look back at what good king Joffrey left the world in the wake of his death. Keep the tissues handy, my friends.

Awww — look at how well-liked and universally loved and adored he was! Weird that it only lasted :29 seconds, though. Hmm… they must’ve left a few things out. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.


  1. Alex C says:

    In a similar vein, but with more Green Day:

  2. Corsair says:

    You know, this really shows why he was such a monster. Always given such positive feedback the entire time, by his mother, the court, and later on anybody with the presence of mind to keep their head.