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GAME OF THRONES’ Next Episode is All About The Watchers on The Wall in 4 New Photos

GAME OF THRONES’ Next Episode is All About The Watchers on The Wall in 4 New Photos

Listen, we’re not even going to caption these photos, because they’re just too dire and intense. We’re afraid being funny and/or silly at their expense may just tempt a bit of fate. Even just from these four measly photos we know that Sunday’s new episode of Game of Thrones, “The Watchers on The Wall” is going to be a doozy. An epic battle royale that we’ve probably not seen the likes of since Blackwater Bay. And we’re, honestly, more than a little bit terrified for the fate of our dearly beloved Jon Snow, knower of nothing. It’s his time to shine — his make it or break it moment — hopefully he’ll live long enough to win and possibly enjoy it.

Considering this season’s track record of cutting down our favorites before they’ve really had a time to shine (sniff sniff), these photos have us seriously worried. Will Jon Snow survive his battle with the Wildlings? Will the series stay true to the books or go off in another direction completely? And if he does survive, will Jon Snow finally know something? Anything? Anything at all?

Plus we also see that Ygritte is in there (as is Samwell Tarly): are they going to be OK and survive? Will Jon Snow have to kill either one of them? Will Jon Snow have to kill both of them? Basically we just want to know: HOW EMOTIONALLY PREPARED FOR MURDER DO WE HAVE TO BE? You hurt us so cruelly last week, Game of Thrones, so forgive us if we’re a little jumpy at the prospect of such a dire-looking return to The Wall.

Who do you think will live and die this week? Let us hear it in the comments.