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GAME OF THRONES’ Major Moments of Change Documented in 6 New Photos

GAME OF THRONES’ Major Moments of Change Documented in 6 New Photos

Yes, yes, yes: we all agree that last night’s Game of Thrones was amazing. Layered, complex, riveting, and downright bombastic, the series soared to new heights in “The Mountain and The Viper,” even if it did result in (SPOILERS, duh) our beloved Oberyn Martell going down in a blaze of bloody, heroic, eye-popping, blood-curdling glory.

But his wasn’t the only shocking turn in the episode. Several characters got their game-change on, including Sansa Stark, Ser Jorah Mormont, Ramsay Snow (now Bolton!), and Theon Greyjoy/Reek. In fact, we daresay this episode was a veritable smorgasbord of major moments for many major characters on the series — and now we have photographic evidence to support such a fact.

Taking a peek at the images proves that this might have been an episode for the ages: one that needs further viewing for optimal storyline digestion. Because as much as Oberyn’s tragic and epic death was the main event of the evening — justifiably stealing the entire show — it overshadowed a lot of other, equally as important changes for our favorite (and least favorite) Westerosi folk.

These were, excuse our French, some seriously “Oh, Shit!” moments. And because of that, we’ve captioned them as such. For your amusement and ours. Because we here at Nerdist care about you, Game of Thrones fans. And hey — photos of your favorite epic fantasy series are always welcome to the party, right?

So, what character development are you most looking forward to out of all of these? Let us know in the comments.


  1. Craig says:

    Sansa’s story is getting the most interesting for me. The smile she gave Peter before showing up in her new style painted a picture for me. She’s now playing the game.

  2. Nargun says:

    I also did the whole Inigo Montoya bit. Snap!