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GAME OF THRONES “Guess Who?” is a Game We Need to Play Right This Minute

GAME OF THRONES “Guess Who?” is a Game We Need to Play Right This Minute

Guess Who? is one of the greatest childrens’ games of all time. Oh, the hours upon hours my cousins, siblings, and myself spent trying to figure out if the person opposite you was a Claire, or an Anne, or an Eric, or an Alfred, or even a dreaded Peter. There were just so many faces and names — and trying to describe them in increasingly vague complexity was all the rage. So it seems a perfect union to combine the classic game with one of the most stacked, cast-wise, series on television: the cast of Game of Thrones! Move over, Doctor Who Guess Who?

Those brilliant pop culture geniuses over at Vulture came up with the idea, and have even created a printable version so you can break out the old plastic and insert some new faces into your game-playing life. Swap out Alfred for Sansa, Theon for Richard, and Sam for Samwell and you’ve got yourself the perfect pre-game to your Sunday night HBO-watching ritual.

Sure, there are opportunities for vague overlap — “Does your person carry a Valyrian steel blade?” “Are they a member of the Night’s Watch?” “Have they slept with their sibling?” “Do they obsess about the Lord of Light?” “Are they probably going to die soon?” — but that’s half the game’s fun. Book readers will find a particularly evil joy playing this game with their non-book-reading friends, with many a spoiler easily bandied about with gleeful abandon. “Are they dead?” you ask, certain. “Well, depends on which timeline you’re referencing!” your opponent will evilly cackle, surely ruining your day and all the days left to come. (OK, so maybe you don’t want to play this across A Song of Ice and Fire lines. That might just be cruel.)

Print out three copies of the sheet below and have at it. Or you can stick with your fantasy fantasy league instead. Totally up to you!


Who else here is totally going to play this game soon? Raise your hands in the comments.

HT: Vulture

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  1. NewBizGuru says:

    Awesome find! Now I wish I had thought of it… I will so play that game… lol too funny. And if you’re from a marketing firm, or work in a creative shop, you may enjoy this quiz as well!

    Which Game of Thrones house is your agency most like?

  2. Ruzzel Lanes says:

    Left vs. Right (of Tyrells

  3. DrFysh says:

    Is he/she a Lannister?

  4. Ghost says:

    Daario would have 2 head pictures.  :(

  5. Madison says:

    Never ever play Sansa Margaery or Melisandra. “Does she have red hair?”

  6. James says:

    “Does he have brown hair?”

    “….Hodor, hodor hodor.”

    “Is it….. Cersei?”

  7. WEB-DL says:


  8. Mathexamsoon says:

    Does he know anything?

  9. Fire and Blood says:

    Spoiler: Tywin is the only one who dies from these carcters 😀 😉

  10. Qarth says:

    So Littlefinger is in the incorrect alphabetical order, but if you give him his real name (Petyr) he IS in the right order. How strange.

  11. imane says:

    i don’t really care who is going to die, as long as it’s not Arya 

  12. Brian Kearns says:

    Did He fuck His sister?

  13. Brian Kearns says:

    Is He a Bastard?

    • Varys says:

      Literally a bastard or just in the “cut your tounge out for fun” sort of way?

  14. PCMan says:

    Jeez, people it’s just a fucking TV show. Don’t you have something better to do with your time than making fake games for it. 

  15. Hedda says:

    Arrhh I miss Robb and Catelyn! 

  16. Jane. says:

    does he know anything? 

  17. zen says:

    Is he Black? is replaced by Is he a midget?

  18. Kevin says:

    Does your person have testicles?  

  19. hatsjer says:

    Is he / she dead?

  20. Anna says:


  21. Dazbowski says:

    Has he got no nob?

  22. Dysted says:


  23. Cory says:

    do only 2 of them have red hair?

  24. Matt says:

    LOL we made a version of this over a year ago at my office. “Those brilliant pop culture geniuses over at Vulture” LMAO 

  25. Petyr Baelish says:

    Is he the most dangerous man in Westeros?

  26. Hodor says:


  27. ian says:

    does it like a lil’ bitch?

  28. Is he still alive? Yep (unfortunately) ¿Does he look like an emo? Yep ¿4 seasons and he still doesn’t know nothing? Yeeeep.
    Guess whooooooooo?

  29. HODOR?




    HODOR! \o/

  30. She-nerd says:

    Joffrey is dead too. What of it?

  31. J.BELL says:

    HODOR !!!

  32. Catt says:

    Jon is too easy… YOU MUST BE NED STARK’S BASTARD

  33. Jereth says:

    By the end of the show, “is your person dead?” will narrow it down.

    • Penguin puslishers says:

      is it Geroge R. R. Martin? Oh wait, hopefully he’ll live long enough to finish the books.

  34. The Hound says:

    Does he look like a c**t?

  35. toro says:

    Does she look like a bitch?

  36. Ally says:

    “Is he or she still alive?” xD Would be a great question

  37. Ramsey Bolton/Snow says:

    Theon? Theon is dead. I believe you mean “Reek.”

  38. “Does he look like a bitch?”

  39. Kevin says:

    Easily could’ve gotten another row (Lysa, Ned, Robb, Cat, Roose) would have made the game a little more fun.  As it stands now, hard to believe the game would last more than three turns.  

  40. skadoodle says:

    Well I guess the much-used question “Does your person have glasses?” will be obsolete then, eh?

  41. skwee says:

    It’s the hair! THE HAIR!

  42. mariorar says:

    good way to learn all the names!