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GAME OF THRONES Finale React: Holy [Spoilers]! Let’s Talk About That [Spoiler]!


So how about that Game of Thrones finale, huh? In a season full of wallopers that was one heck of a wallop. The season four ender, “The Children” ended up taking a turn for the pretty freaking crazy, did it not? Of course this post is going to be a veritable smorgasbord of spoilers so all of you obsessives of the “NOSPOILERS!” variety can kindly see yourself out of it. We warned you, so it’s all your fault now if you get ruined on it. HA-HA!

Now, let’s get right to it: Tyrion Lannister is free and down a father and the Children of the Forest have awoken. In a phrase? Ho-ly cats, this episode. Holy cats.

Things were looking pretty grim for everyone’s favorite imp. After his demanded trial by combat went south in a big way (R.I.P Oberyn Martell, the Red Viper of Dorne and Prince of All Of Our Hearts), Tyrion’s own father Tywin sentenced him to death. Bet Tywin didn’t think that would in turn also be a sentence for himself, eh?

Of course Peter Dinklage pulled it all off quite brilliantly, with a dark turn also perforated with real sadness in that moment. To see him take down not only the woman he loved (“I’m sorry”), but also his own father? Awful and, in the way of Westeros, just — even if it broke our hearts a little bit. Hey daddies of Westeros: happy father’s day, eh?

And to think that Tywin and Shae’s death — and Tyrion’s subsequent escape — weren’t enough for this shock-heavy episode: it was also revealed that the Children of the Forest are not only real, but still very much alive. Yup: another entire race of beings has been introduced into this battle for control. Long thought nothing more than the stuff of Old Nan’s fabled stories, these non-humans were the original inhabitants of Westeros — long before the Andals and even the First Men arrived on the scene and started ruling the roost.

Though little is known about them, one thing is certain: they are just as magical as they are mysterious. They live a long, long time and are the original worshippers of the Old Gods. They have no books, no ink, no parchment, or even a written language. Theirs is a life connected explicitly to the land, thanks to their supernatural powers of magic. They have power over the beasts, can wear animal’s skin (like a warg/Bran!), and the ability of greensight, just like Jojen Reed. They are also the ones who carved the faces on the weirwoods to keep watch over the world. They believe their wisdom and magic is directly related to the faces in the trees.

And here you all thought that the White Walkers were the only magical beings of Westeros. Ha ha ha! It’s only going to get crazier from here, folks.

So — while we wait for an official recap of the episode to come, let’s discuss an digest what just happened on screen. What do you think about these latest, epic developments? Sound off about them in the comments!

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  1. I’m going to miss Tywin. Charles Dance has been amazing in the role and I wish it couldhave gone on, though I knew it wouldn’t.

    I’m glad they took out Jaime’s  confession to Tyrion. It always made me sad that they estranged him from the only family member that cared about him.

    I was disappointed about the lack of Coldhands, but that’s how it goes. The way they showed bran’s journey, he probably wouldn’t have added as much as he did in the books.

    I’m sure Lady Stoneheart will show up next season, and while it would have been a fine cliffhanger, I’m happy with the way the show ended.

    I absolutely loved the way the Brienne/Hound fight devolved as they went on. Very entertaining.

    I’m sad the show is over for another year. August can not get here fast enough so I’ll at least have Doctor who for part of the interval.

  2. jsb says:

    Random site suggestion. When clicking “reply” on a comment a pop-down shows “You are not logged in.” It would be nice if that line of text included a link to where to log in.  At the moment I have to post as a guest because I can’t find a link to a login page anywhere…

  3. Tamagura says:

    If you view the episodes on a computer, instead of the telly, they are at least 50% brighter. On my TV, everything is so dark, I could not make out anything. On my laptop, it was excellent-no guessing at all. The episode at the wall was great. I had no idea we could see Gilly sneaking away with Little Sam. I have viewed old episodes and enjoyed them so much more. Try it.  

    • Shelia says:

      I have the exact opposite experience. I can see it more-or-less okay on tv, but it’s just ridiculously dark on computer. However, I can set up a monitor profile that lightens and changes the contrast enough to make most of it visible.

  4. This episode was amazing. I was so glad they didn’t wait til next season for Tyrion to confront Tywin. The fighting skeletons were fantastic. The best since Jason and the Argonauts, but I was surprised by Jojen’s death at this point. I knew this episode was gonna break our hearts. I was also very surprised by the confrontation between Brienne and the Hound. We were really worried by that one, so I’m wondering what shortcut this scene was taking care of. I hope Peter Dinklage gets another Emmy for this season. He’s such a fabulous actor. Loved the scene with the old man in the tree Brynden although you couldn’t make out much detail and see that the tree is growing in and out of him. This episode came to a really great stopping point with Arya on her way to Bravos. Okay, I’ll shut up now.

  5. Todd says:

    Everyone is saying they hate two characters were not in this last episode. You may think this episode would have been 100% better if they were but most of us have no clue what you are talking about. If you wanted a TV show to follow the books exactly then you have never seen a book made into a TV show. The Walking Dead hasn’t followed the books at all, except when it comes to the main story. The little details don’t matter as long as the main story is intact and I am sure they have done that with Game of Thrones. It’s the best show on TV right now, easily. 

  6. Overall, I was really happy how the episode played out. Even though I read the books, and expected certain high level events to happen in this episode, I was thoroughly entertained with how things went down. The only thing that could have made this episode epic is if they did introduce Lady Stoneheart. But as it stands, it was a gripping hour of television. Well done!

  7. chemrebel says:

    1. I’m not surprised that they are waiting on Lady Stoneheart. I felt she’d be better placed in season 5 with the way this season was wrapping up.

    2. I kept waiting for some smartass Army of Darkness quip during the skeleton fight. But it was so awesome when Meera split the one like a side of beef.

    3. Brienne and the Hound going at it was an awesome TV addition.

    4. Why did Mance Rayder look a lot more lean than in previous episodes? War rations or something else beyond the show (I sure hope Mr. Hinds is well)

    5. No Coldhands was a bummer.  I can only assume they downgraded him to the baby-fetcher of Craster.
    6. Loved the sequence of Tyrion’s escape from King’s Landing.  And taking out Tywin on Father’s Day no less, nice touch.

  8. I this the Red Lady is Jon Snow’s Mother!! I haven’t read the books but I plan to, wouldn’t that be a huge, but equally awesome twist in the Story?

  9. Jon says:

    Another thing missed that I was really hoping would be on tonight’s episode, that can never really happen now (at least the way it was meant to) – Jaime confessing to Tyrion while freeing him that Tysha was not really a whore, which then in turn pisses Tyrion off more, and he asks Tywin right before he kills him where she could be, with Tywin’s legendary response “wherever whores go,” leaving Tyrion to ponder “where do whores go?” throughout the rest of the books lol.
    So much for me telling my show-viewing only friends the “Where do whores go? Through the Hodor” joke :/ they won’t get it the way it’s intended

    • Tyrion also told Jamie of Cersei’s affairs with other men, which drives Jamie kind of bonkers. I was wondering why they didn’t include that. Where do whores go?..I can’t wait to find out if Tyrion finds the answer to that question.

  10. Geramy says:

    No coldhands or stoneheart really  upset me. Coldhands should have been earlier in the season up to the cave. Stoneheart will definitely be affected by  Brianne running into arya. I was fine with changes but the omissions really had me mad ! 

  11. Really mad about the lack of Lady Stoneheart and I read several mysterious confirmation that she would be appearing in the finale…I mean come on D&D. Get your act together.

  12. Orionsangel says:

    Ray Harryhausen would have been proud. 

  13. Sam Mendel says:

    I just want to know where Arya is going!

  14. frank says:

     No Tyrion quip about Tywin not being able to shit gold.  Brienne running into Arya totally changes information she’ll have if she ever sees Lady Stoneheart (who’s introduction should have been the last scene of the season).

  15. Lance Burnim says:

    Killing your dad on fathers day good move :)) but i think he should of killed his sister then his brother would of regretted letting him go.

  16. Tammy Lynch says:

    All I want to say is well done Tyrion it’s about time,sorry you had to kill the woman you loved but for her to sleep with & become your fathers whore well you get the jest, And has for Tywin just like Jeoffery good riddens I will not miss him either,but I can’t wait to see you next season…

  17. Leah Pratt says:

    I was entertained,  but I wanted more! Putting the dragons in a cave is ALL we get from Dany? And what about a certain royal blooded runaway we haven’t seen since he got away from Stanis and the red lady? I’m glad we saw all the things go we did,  but I think some long shots of pensive faces could have been sacrificed for more content.  

  18. Jenn says:

    The saddest part I’ve seen so far in the GOT series happened tonight. I felt so bad that Danny had to chain up her dragons because they are just being dragons. I wanted to cry.

  19. Moe says:

    It was very well done, indeed. I just missed one small detail. In the books, the Hand of the King wear a large ornate chain of golden hands as a symbol of office. They changed it to the hand brooch and I was fine with that. Except that Tyrion kills Shae using that chain, that she is wearing in bed. 
    In the TV version, I was sure he would use the pin to stab her instead of just strangling her with some generic necklace.
    Yeah, I’m nitpicking but I was so sure that that is what would happen ever since I saw the pin instead of the chain.

    In any case, great episode. Nice adaptation on how The Hound dies. Gave poor Brienne something to do. Most people were hoping she would meet a certain other character, but I will not spoil it for anyone who has not read the books (yet, I hope).

  20. Aly says:

    I really didn’t think anything was so “shocking” awesome episode none the less but nothing ohhh emm gee! Or omthrones in my opinion 

  21. Jon says:

    This episode was nearly perfect! Nearly…minus the epilogue we were all waiting for, but I think she would have broke the internet after all that other madness!

    • Kat says:

      I’m still pissed that she and cold hands weren’t in it. It’s bad enough that Strong Belwas was cut….

  22. I’ll admit it that I didn’t think Tyrion’s scene would be put in as the clock ran down.  And IMHO there was some very important dialogue between Jaime and Tyrion that gave more depth to the ending that shouldn’t have been taken out.  So I’m moderately satisfied with the ending.

  23. Bob says:

    Killing your dad on the shitter on Father’s day…..Priceless.

  24. Jay D says:

    Excellent episode. But I was deeply saddened that it did not end with a certain stone heart.