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GAME OF THRONES Fan Art Shows Everything is Adorably Awful

GAME OF THRONES Fan Art Shows Everything is Adorably Awful

If there’s one fact you can depend upon in Game of Thrones, it’s that everything is horrible. The bleak series has a few moments of hope and brightness and maybe one or two characters who don’t have hidden selfish motives, but they don’t last. Westeros doesn’t tolerate the honorable or the kind, and it’s only a matter of time before it caves in under all the dastardly plots. That’s my fan theory. Artist Jonatan Cantero may have similar feelings based on his takes on the sigils of the great houses.

Cantero uses a cute cartoon approach to tackle the grisly world, and the contrast works. I almost had an “awww!” reaction to the art, but then I looked closer. These characters have serious business expressions. Oberyn Martell’s ready to fight, Robert Baratheon is showing off his gluttonous side, and Bran Stark is beating up Hodor with a whip (thank the gods old and new that’s never happened).

GoT fan art 3

And then there’s his approach to the animal symbols in the sigils. Targaryen, Stark, Lannister, Greyjoy – no matter which house it is, it’s all death and sex. Each family has been beat up and suffered death or been responsible for doling out heartbreak. The illustration of the dragon breathing a skull is so completely accurate. Daenerys has a lot of dragon training to do before she heads towards King’s Landing. All her children seem good for right now is destroying everything in their path.

GoT fan art 4

See the Stark and Baratheon pieces in the below gallery and then cleanse your palette with a sweet portrait of Jon Snow and Ghost.

Which of the cartoon-y house sigils is your favorite? Head to the comments and let us know.

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  1. Dang…! What a way to pay tribute to the show… :O