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Game of Thrones “Dork Fork”

It’s a Song of Ice and Food — okay, food — this week on a special edition of the Nerdist Channel’s Dork Fork, which celebrates the season premiere of Game of Thrones on HBO with some help from wrestler John Hennigan, Daily Grace‘s Grace Helbig, and our own Matt Mira. What do they eat in Westeros? I think they have Five Guys, right?

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  1. Now, normally I’m not a fan of posting critical comments on these threads because, really, who the hell am I? But why post a video in which half of it is just criticizing itself? Matt Mira, whom I adore in everything, comes in to insult Game of Thrones because it “has swords,” (which, to be fair, he has done before so it’s no surprise… but still), then both Mira and John Hennigan criticize the food; agreeing about the lackluster texture of the meat. It didn’t even seem like a bit they were doing, they seemed to be genuinely put off by both the food and having to talk about it, knowing that other people would have to see their responses. Then Grace Helbig says she’s seen two episodes of Game of Thrones AND she doesn’t eat meat. There is nothing wrong with either of those things, but could we at least get some fans of the property being paid tribute to… or people who want to eat what is cooked?

    Andie Bolt says, “This is not what this show is!” Well, what is this show?