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G.I. Joe Proposal At New York Comic-Con, JUST COS

Well, why NOT a marriage proposal at New York Comic-Con? That’s what happens on this week’s Cosplay Confidential episode of the Nerdist Channel’s Just Cos. When both parties are cosplayers, it works out pretty well. In this case, G.I. Joe plans to pop the question to Scarlett, and… well, the adorableness, it’s everywhere.

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  1. Steffa says:

    This is the real deal :) They are busy planning a June 2014 wedding. Congrats guys!!!! So happy to share the day with you.

  2. gdkool says:

    this is pretty cool, I watched a tv show where a guy in the audience asked his girlfriend to marry him, she said yes.The next week she came on the show and said she took it back and only said yes because it was in public/on tv.

  3. Karen says:

    Love this! Congrats! I relate to this so much. When I met my husband dressed like Frank from Rocky Horror at a Start Trek con, I knew I could be myself around him too. I have spent the last 13 years making him various scifi costumes.