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FXX Shows Us Our Future In New Ad For 12-Day Long SIMPSONS Marathon

FXX Shows Us Our Future In New Ad For 12-Day Long SIMPSONS Marathon

Netflix – Lost, Amazon – 24, Hulu – Community, when it comes to the launching of a new television network, besides original content, nothing puts you on the map more than the exclusive acquisition of a beloved series. That’s why FXX, FX’s comedy-focused sister channel, is working so hard to make the world aware that it will be the home of all Simpson second-run airings for the foreseeable future, and there’s no better way for them to do it than with this pitch perfect ad for their upcoming epic 12-day long Simpsons marathon beginning August 21st:

If that isn’t a glimpse into our future next month, we don’t know what is. Lawns will brown, fences will go unmended, and couch cushions will sag as we sit on our butts for 12 days straight and watch every single Simpsons episode ever made. And, by the way, that includes The Simpsons Movie which will be airing in the correct chronological order between the end of season 18 and the beginning of season 19.

The marathon is also how FX will be advertising the FX Now app as the new exclusive digital home of all the series’ episodes for mobile devices.

If Hollywood was looking for a great way to close out what’s been a rather decent summer, this is it. This Simpsons marathon might actually kill us, but that’s okay because we already sold our souls for a donut. See you guys on the other side.

The Simpsons marathon begins 10am ET/PT on August 21st.

How will you spend the 12-days of non-stop Simpsons? What’s your favorite episode? Let us know in the comments below!


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    Not available in my country. Sigh.

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    Save me Jebus!