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FWOOM!-pah Music

I’m a fan of deep brass. Actually, I’m a fan of brass instruments in general. Truth be told, I think music-makin’ devices of any and every stripe are pretty fantastic. And since we as a species have already learned to add electricity to ’em and amplify/distort/flange/recombobulate the sounds they produce, I didn’t think there was really any further room for improvement, damned fool that I was. Then I saw this enterprising busker, boldly forging a new musical frontier by the power of conflagrant oom-pahs.


It seems so obvious now. I mean, really, adding the phrase, “…and also, it shoots flames” to the description of pretty much any noun automatically makes that noun cooler. ‘The stoat is a mammal much resembling a weasel and is most commonly found in the temperate sub-arctic regions of North America and Europe…and also, it shoots flames.” See?

So here’s to more instruments that produce gouts of flame. And stoats too. I’ve inadvertently made myself want to own a fire-breathing stoat.


  1. Tony says:

    Having played tuba for 7 years in Jr. High and High School, I am absolutely behind the flame thrower tuba. It makes up, somewhat, for almost never getting the melody.