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FUTURAMA Finale Event Live on Nerdist Channel

Futurama 2
More good news, everyone! Well, the same but slightly different good news. Parallel dimension good news, everyone! As we mentioned earlier this week, Futurama, the best sci-fi/comedy/action/parody/surprisingly moving but still hysterical animated show ever in the history of time, is airing its series finale, appropriately titled “Meanwhile,” next Wednesday, September 4th, at 10:00pm ET/PT on Comedy Central. The Planet Express crew will be be delivering their last package; time to kiss Bender’s shiny metal ass goodbye. However, if all you’re doing is watching the episode, you’re going to be missing most of the action!

Before and after the airing, Comedy Central’s Futurama page and the Nerdist Channel will be simulcasting a Q&A with a metric ton of the show’s cast and crew, including creator Matt Groening, executive producer David X. Cohen, cast members Billy West, Maurice LaMarche, Phil LaMarr, and Lauren Tom, writer Patric M. Verrone, and animator Pete Avanzino. Hosted by Chris Hardwick, there will be a pre-show talk, at 9:30pm ET/PT, and a post-show talk, at 10:30pm ET/PT, to talk about the end of an era, or twelve.

Subscribe to the Nerdist Channel to watch, then get your circuits ready for tears, because even (and especially) Zap Brannigan won’t be able to stop your heart from breaking.


  1. trebor says:

    this did not work for me on the westcoast
    and I was heartbroken

  2. sean baker says:

    since everyone has a paul lynn to fight over, what actor does the best impression of another actor on the show

  3. Lacy says:

    Look. It’s a quemment. I want Futurama to come back again, but I’m afraid to hold my breath. I love though that Nerdist is doing this and I can’t wait to watch it.