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Funko Wants You To Pull Apart Its Series 5 WALKING DEAD POP! Vinyl Figure

Funko Wants You To Pull Apart Its Series 5 WALKING DEAD POP! Vinyl Figure

Cute and creepy are the sugar and spice of the nerd world. Ever since that adorable little Mogwai Gizmo spawned a squadron of bloodthirsty gremlins, savvy folks have found all sorts of ways of combining the charming and the chilling. In the world of toys and collectibles, nobody does it better these days than Funko. The company’s produced countless POP! Vinyl figures for today’s most popular media franchises — including Game of Thrones, Star Wars, and the DC, Marvel, and Disney universes. But the franchise that perhaps best suits the Japanese chibi style knickknacks is The Walking Dead. Cute heroes and villains are one thing. Cute flesh-eating zombies? That’s another. Funko’s released four waves of the so-wrong-they’re-right figures thus far, and the upcoming fifth wave looks to be the best yet. You can check out the full lineup in the gallery below.

Wave 5 of Funko’s POP! Vinyl Walking Dead figures, due out in early October (to build anticipation for the show’s season 5 premiere on October 12), includes Carol Peletier, Tyreese, Prison Glenn Rhee, Teddy Bear Girl (the very first zombie killed on the show), the Well Walker, and Hershel Greene. Hershel is a variation on the exclusive figure that debuted at last month’s Comic-Con International. That figure had a unique feature — his head was removable — missing from this version, which will no doubt send eBay prices for the Comic-Con edition soaring. For those who missed out, the good news is that wave 5’s Well Walker (pictured above) has a pretty special feature of his own — he’s Funko’s first ever pull apart figure, and you can delight in recreating the season 2 scene in which our heroes accidentally rip him in half! Yes, it’s a wonderful time to be alive if you love the Dead. Now, let’s have some more pull apart figures in wave 6. After all, half the fun of watching The Walking Dead is seeing the inventive means used to dispatch walkers.

Do you have a favorite walker that you’re dying to see in Funko Vinyl form? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. LuSteph says:

    Hershel. :( Is it weird to cradle these figures and tell them that everything is gonna be OK?