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Fun With a Cat Map

catmapPOSTWe have a cat here at Editor’s Office Central, and she’s known to her fans (that would be my wife and me) as Ella the World’s Most Famous Cat. We love cats, despite Ella’s insistence on waking us up at all hours, sometimes for food, sometimes just because she thinks we should be up, and sometimes because when we get up, there’s a cozy warm spot on the bed for her to occupy. But, yes, we are “cat people.”

And because of that, we are pleased to see the Zoological Society of London’s publicity stunt… er, project to map the world’s cats. This is the Cat Map, created to promote the London Zoo’s Tiger Territory exhibit. It was intended to map the cats of London, but it’s open to the whole world; you can go and look — they’ve collected 1,791 entries so far, and, since there are an estimated 76 million-plus cats in the U.S. alone and over 53 million in China, they have a long, long, long way to go. But it’s a fun little novelty, and, go ahead, add your own. And find Ella — she is, after all, the World’s Most etc.

HT: Geekosystem via Neatorama


  1. Laura Newman says:

    I have about 7 cats I could add on the map, nbd. I live on a farm.

  2. Grimlyn says:

    The moment I submit this to the Cat Map servers will go down.

  3. This is great! I have a friend that could add about 10 cats to this map. Sharing this right now!