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FROZEN’s Olaf, Reimagined as… Disney Princesses?

FROZEN’s Olaf, Reimagined as… Disney Princesses?

We know, we know. The Frozen parody thing has gotten a little out of hand. The numbers don’t lie; Nearly everyone loves Frozen, and whenever there’s something deeply beloved, well, people go a little overboard. (That’s not to say we’re not still eating it up. The soundtrack’s still very much embedded in a certain Nerdist writer’s rotation.)

When we saw these Olaf illustrations on Laughing Squid though, we knew we had to share. Australian artist Cherie Potter (known online as TortallMagic) has drawn the goofy, snowman voiced by Josh Gad as Disney princesses. The result is both adorable and slightly creepy.


You can also peruse TortallMagic’s Tumblr and deviantART for more of her work.


  1. danielas says:

    pero no dice el nombre de ninguna

  2. Cristina says:

    So dang cute! Thanks