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From the S.F. 48 Hour Film Contest: DETENTION

This is VERY cool. The official description says it all, so:

In DETENTION, an animated entry from the 2013 San Francisco 48 Hour Film Contest, two middle schoolers uncover a horrifying secret when their classmate mysteriously goes missing.

Directors Ronnie Del Carmen and Kevin Nolting of Moderate Hike Productions were given a character (Ms. Perifano), a line of dialogue (“I don’t think you’re supposed to hold it like that”), a prop (a snow globe), a genre (thriller/suspense), and just two days to make a complete short film. They chose to do a storyboarded animation – one of the first animation entries in the history of the contest.

Winner of: Best Use of Prop, Best Use of Genre, Best Sound Design, and Audience Award Winner: Group D

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  1. jvenom057 says:

    They will have a great career ahead of them if they keep applying themselves like that ! Wish they had a month would of liked to see more.

  2. DEC12345 says:

    Wow, that was really good. I wish the story continued.