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From “The Nerdist”: z’Ombeal

In case you missed Saturday night’s edition of The Nerdist on BBC America, and you’d better have a VERY GOOD REASON for doing that, like you were not in the U.S. or you were playing for Michigan or Syracuse at the time (my excuse? I was driving to Vegas at the time, but it’s on the DVR), here are Karen Gillan’s z’Ombeal sketches from the show, a hair care spot and a warning to just Say No to Brains. Zombie makeup can’t wipe out the adorbs.

And, in case you missed it last week, the original:

Hey, Canada, your chance to watch is Sunday, 7/6c/4p, on Space. And if you’re in North America, this should serve as a reminder to watch the show live next week, Saturday 10/9c on BBC America, with Jon Hamm, Betsy Brandt, and Rory Scovel (and Sunday on Space in Canada). No excuses.

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