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From “The Nerdist”: “ZOD Talks,” TED’s Evil Twin

TED got nothin’ on ZOD — ZOD Talks, that is, the lecture series that offers the thoughts of best and brightest of evildoers for your edification. If only this wasn’t a clip from BBC America’s The Nerdist rather than the real thing. Although Darth Vader’s vacation snaps are a treat. And General Zod really should look into wearing a t-shirt under his tunic.

There’s one more new episode of The Nerdist left this season, with Seth Rogen, Zach Galifianakis, Evan Goldberg, and Natasha Leggero. Watch it next Saturday night, 10/9c, BBC America.

Here’s a bonus lesson: subscribe to the Nerdist Channel now. It’s always a learning experience.