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From “The Nerdist”: Meet Westminster Grabbey and Union Mack

Want a little bit of The Nerdist from BBC America and Ye Olde Nerdist Channel? Here are Jonah and Matt discussing the British characters they made up, Westminster Grabbey and Union Mack. Oy. The likelihood of their being prevented from ever reentering the U.K. just increased tenfold.

For more frivolity, watch next week’s episode with Elijah Wood and Ben Schwartz, plus Kumail Nanjiani and Katie Crown. That’s next Saturday, 10/9c, BBC America (and Sunday, 7/6c/4p on Space in Canada).

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  1. Sir_D says:

    That was adorcable! Loved it!

  2. Anthony says:

    @johnny – Hate to be a hipster , but isn’t hipster douche redundant?

  3. johnny john says:

    gosh, they are so unlikeable that i like them ,i guess that makes me a hipster douche