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From the Future Of Film Live Series: Chris Hardwick Talks To David Gordon Green, Morgan Spurlock, and More

On April 23rd, Chris Hardwick hosted a conversation with filmmaker David Gordon Green at the Future of Film Live Series of the Tribeca Film Festival in New York. You know Green’s work, starting with the critical favorite George Washington and ranging from comedies like Pineapple Express,Your Highness, and The Sitter to more serious work like All the Real Girls, Undertow, and Snow Angels; his film Prince Avalanche, with Paul Rudd and Emile Hirsch as highway workers far from home, is coming soon, and he’s finishing up work on the film adaptation of Larry Brown’s novel Joe with Nicolas Cage. Plus, he directed several episodes of Eastbound and Down, which is extra cool.

Oh, you want to see that interview? Now you can at least see some excerpts right here. Here’s a chat about getting your movie in front of people when you don’t know anyone:

On finding balance between doing everything your way and cooperation, the benefits of working on Eastbound and Down, and the inspiration he derived from the canon of Hulk Hogan:

On budgets and the commercial factor:

And why his remake of Suspiria isn’t happening, at least for now:

But there’s more. Also on April 23rd, Chris also hosted a panel at the same event with Morgan Spurlock, the Safdie Brothers, and GE Global Creative Director Andy Goldberg about the future of filmmaking, and here are some clips from that. Here, they talk about people wanting to see, well, good movies:

On the partnership between business and creative:

On the Internet as a distribution system:

And on getting around the studio system:

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