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From Music To Monster

I’m not sure whether this is cool or a desecration. I’m leaning towards cool, but I could go either way.

What is it? Simple: These guys are trying to raise money through Kickstarter for a business where they do laser cutting of old vinyl records, with the pieces then fitting together like a puzzle to create “monster art.”

This video explains it:

They say they have 20 different designs, “from Ants to Velociraptor to Pteranodon,” and they’ll send you one or more, depending on how much you pledge. A $25 pledge gets one 45 rpm single-sized “recordmonster” (shipping outside of the U.S. costs extra for all of these), $30 gets an album-sized one, $100 gets five singles, and so on. The deadline’s April 16th at 4:58 pm Eastern. You can pledge/order here.

The desecration part? Oh, well, as I’ve previously pointed out, I’m old. And as such, I still have a lot of vinyl records, crates of them, all waiting patiently for me to finally hook the USB turntable to the MacBook Pro and rip them to MP3s. I have loads of vinyl I got as a college and pro radio guy back in the day when labels and indies would ship massive numbers of promo copies to even the least significant carrier-current college stations, everything from familiar hits to a Fat-Bloated-Elvis impersonator singing “Crazy Little Thing Called Love,” Fat-Bloated-Elvis style. I can’t bear to dump them on Amoeba Records or anyone else who’d take them, but they presently just sit there. They’d make fine monster puzzles. I’d never let that happen to them.

But I won’t stop these guys from converting their records to cool art. No formal endorsement here; we’re just noting what seems like a cool concept. If you’re interested, this is where to go.

HT: BuzzFeed

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  1. It’s good that they’re reusing something that would otherwise perhaps just sit around and collect dust, it’s also cool that they’re making art and showing people that you can do it with just about anything. But on the environmental side, it has no impact whatsoever unless the person who perhaps ‘buys’ one of their insects does so instead of going to the store and buying some other kind of toy. There’s probably a bunch of other more creative ways to use the plastic for things that are actually useful, but for now I guess toy bug sculptures will have to suffice.

  2. Matt says:

    Back to the post: I don’t think it necessarily needs to be a desecration. I mean, you don’t have to have these made out of old Beatles’ albums or that mint copy of Sticky Fingers. There are enough of those “Bad Fat Elvis Impersonator” albums lying around that you could make a ton of these.

  3. Oluutaa says:

    I really wish there was an edit feature. I hate seeing my own typos.


    P.S. /complainy

  4. This is true — I’m not Chris, I’m the editor of this site — but Chris does read as many of the comments on the site as he can and has been known to respond (as have Matt and Jonah) on posts written by myself and others.

    The Quemments page is a direct route for things related to the podcast. The guys read all of those posts, and some make it onto the podcast itself.

  5. Oluutaa says:


    You might want to post your comments to Chris, Jonah, and Matt (There is now Mike unless you mean Phirman) on the Quemments page. This post was written by Perry Michael Simon, someone who blogs on the Nerdist website but is not Chris.

    It’s a place for comments… or questions… they’re questions and comments, they are quemments!


  6. Eilish says:

    Hey Jonah, Chris & Mike.
    Just wanted to say I am a chick from New Zealand who happened to stumble across your podcast whilst on iTunes, I downloaded it and shortly after found out that it’s fucking amazing. It’s basically like listening to a podcast of people talking about all the shit/people I love which is pretty insane. Just wanted to thank you as it is, as of late, one of the best podcasts I now download. I love Jonahs music reccomendations, as he doesn’t listen to Rihanna, All Time Low and other crappy artists like most people (: I also thingk you guys should have one person or more from The Flight Of The Conchords gang on your show as it would make my day. That or someone off the IT Crowd which is a fantastic british comedy.

    Anyway thanks again guys, keep up the brilliant motherfucking work 😀