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From Earworm to the Apocalypse: A Very, Very, VERY Slow “Zou Bisou Bisou”

Sometimes, something is just so ridiculous that you can’t resist. This is one of those things. Apologies in advance.

You saw Mad Men this weekend, right? Even if you didn’t, you’ve surely encountered this one scene on the Internet by now, in which Don Draper’s new wife Megan sings the 1962 Gillian Hills song “Zou Bisou Bisou” at his birthday party and sends him through various stages of discomfort and mortification. In case you need a reminder:

Ah, but what would that sound like slowed down by 90%? First off, who would even think to do that? (The folks at BuzzFeed, it turns out, and thanks to them for that) Second… what WOULD it sound like? It turns out that slowing it down turns it into the soundtrack for a post-apocalyptic something-or-other, something horrible and ominous, and if you want to go right to where the vocals kick in, go to about the 2:10 mark and listen for what sounds like the hellish growling of a beast from the depths:

This could be an endurance test. How much of this can any person stand? Come to think of it, Don could barely survive two minutes at normal speed.

Let’s restore the proper earworm, this time with the original, by the still-active Gillian Hills herself:

Aaaahhhhh. Refreshing. MAKE IT STOP.

HT: BuzzFeed


  1. Tyler K says:

    The slow isn’t always worse though, remember hearing Bieber 800% slower?