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Freshly-Minted “Iron Man 3″ Trailer

Iron Man 3 gridWe’ve been intensely excited for Iron Man 3 since our first glimpse at the teaser trailer, but as we all saw from the Super Bowl spot and its subsequent “Extended Look,” the people at Disney and Marvel are keeping new footage very close to the armor-plated chest piece.

This morning, we got a whole new trailer, unveiled exclusively through Yahoo! This trailer gives us a glimpse of Tony Stark that had been bubbling under the surface during his last three major screen appearances but now comes to the forefront. He’s full of self doubt and worry. He once was a man who had nothing much to lose, and now that’s all he has. It seems like Ben Kingsley’s Mandarin will be the one villain to prey upon this weakness. It’s a darker, more contemplative take on the Iron Man character than we’ve seen yet, and that’s all the more exciting. May the 3rd can’t come soon enough.