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Frak Yeah Friday: Machinima Brings “Blood and Chrome” To Your Galaxy

What would the Old Man say if he could see what the Old Man was like before he became the Old Man? If he’s anything like me, he was whispering “frak yes” under his breath for all twelve minutes of the premiere episode of Blood and Chrome on Machinima Prime. The prequel to 2004’s seriously excellent Battlestar GalacticaBlood and Chrome takes us back to the shitstorm that started it all – the First Cylon War – and puts us squarely in the shoes of Ensign William Adama, the man who would go on to command Galactica herself. But, before all that, he was a hot-headed recruit, fresh out of the academy and finally getting to see all of that is like biting into a juicy mango (read: it’s frakkin’ awesome).

The series will run as a 10 episode mini-series on Machinima followed by a 2 hour movie on SyFy in early 2013. Honestly, you had us at “more BSG.” What do you think of Blood and Chrome? Quemment below and let us know!

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  1. Anthony says:

    It’s a prequel to BSG, but it’s a sequel to Caprica. I think Caprica had way too many storylines to follow which made it too slow to develop. Blood and Chrome, from this sneak preview, appears more focused on a single character (Adama) with more explosions to keep the ADD crowd interested. At this point my only nitpick is that the technology looks much too close to the BSG era, but should look closer to the Caprica era. Still looking forward to the mini series.

  2. Clinton says:

    In the same boat as Henry unfortunately, can’t watch it, clown will eat me.

  3. Dan Casey says:

    Our upcoming interview with producer David Eick will answer a lot of those questions, Nathaniel. And SyFy is home to gems like Titanic 2, Sharktopus and Chupacabra: Dark Seas.

  4. Nathaniel H. says:

    I’m hooked. I like that they posted two eps to start us off, as well. I’m wondering why Syfy chose this unconditional premier method, but who knows. Anyway, I like it, and I hope it gets picked up for series. What is even airing on Syfy these days? I’m that far out of touch.

  5. Dan Casey says:

    Damn it, Henry! Try turning your computer upside-down.

  6. Henry Hui Hui says:

    I’d love to tell you what I thought of Blood & Chrome, but it’s been blocked for Australia.