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Fox’s GOTHAM Just Promoted Three To Series Regular

Fox’s GOTHAM Just Promoted Three To Series Regular

Following a highly well received first trailer for its most high-profile newcomer, the Jim Gordon origin story, Gotham last week, Fox has now announced the promotion of three first episode cast members to series regular, one for which you’re definitely going to want to keep reading.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, joining the cast ranks are Cory Michael Smith, Victoria Cartagena, and Andrew Stewart Jones. The latter two simply play roles within the Major Crimes unit of Gotham P.D. The former, however, is the man portraying the series’ iteration of Edward Nygma a/k/a The Riddler. Yup, you’re about to get a weekly dose of Riddler: Baby Edition.

Officially, the character has been described as “a brilliant but socially awkward forensic scientist who’s eccentric and outgoing and desperate to be liked.” Best guess is Nygma will be Gordon’s go-to lab tech during the cases of the week that’ll be tying the series together between serialized arcs. Every cop show needs a forensic guy; Why not let it be The Riddler?

We’d say it’s a fair bet one of Gordon’s cases somehow directly leads to Nygma’s eventual turn from “socially awkward scientist” to full-blown psychopath, and we’d bet the inciting incident happens before season one is through.

Man, Gotham is shaping up nicely.

What do you guys thing? Are you ready for weekly Nygma? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Kenny says:

    For my money, Crispus Allen and Renee Montoya being series regulars is way more exciting than the Riddler. Then again, I’ve never been a huge fan of the Riddler, the current Zero Year arc not withstanding. 

  2. Andrew says:


    “The latter two simply play roles within the Major Crimes unit of Gotham P.D. ”


    Pretty sure they’re playing Crispus Allen and Renee Montoya.

    Granted, that’s weird, given the timeline and the ages of everyone involved, but if you’re a fan of Greg Rucka’s Gotham Central, 52 (weekly, from 2006), The Question, or a later version of The Specter — or if you just love the police-side of Gotham City from the comics — Those two are a pretty big deal.

    I’m much more excited to see Montoya and Allen than I am to see the Riddler.

    What I really want to see on this show is some appearance of the brilliant, benevolent, and happily married bio-med research scientist, Victor Fries. : )