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Fox News Swagger Jacks BIOSHOCK INFINITE Logo?

Fox News Swagger Jacks BIOSHOCK INFINITE Logo?

If you’re anything like me, you probably binge watch most of your television shows and watch everything digitally, completely void of national television broadcasts. If you’re even more like me, you don’t watch Fox News. Either way, there’s probably a good chance that you missed this TV gem I stumbled upon this morning.

Fishing around on Facebook, I came across a photo of a Fox News broadcast posted by Irrational Games founder and BioShock creator Ken Levine that read “Glad to help, Fox. Glad to help.” As you’ll see in the photo below, some of Fox News’ onscreen graphics are looking quite similar to one of last year’s best video games… but don’t take my word for it.

Someone, please, tell us what in the name of Zachary Comstock is going on here?



Compared to the original:


The mixture of irony, inadvertent hypocrisy, and suitability in this is face-melting. On one hand it feels almost facetious considering that Fox News is typically the network that’s quickest to pass the blame for the nation’s most atrocious acts of violence on video games. For them to have assets on their broadcast that correspond with one of the more violent games of the last generation is beyond preposterous.

Ultimately, this is about as eerily appropriate as it is a conspicuous ripoff– an extremely influential US political media corporation decides to “borrow” assets from a game that features a maniacal zealot who helms a town of inhabitants that worship the Founding Fathers of the United States as religious icons. I can’t even, guys.

Not sure if the folks at Fox News have a troll crafting up their lower thirds and graphics, or if this is just some haphazard mess of a coincidence, but one things for certain: in some arbitrary dimension, the Lutece twins are laughing their Tear-manipulating asses off about this.

[HT: Ken Levine Facebook, imgur]

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  1. Quelyn says:

    Kinda spoilery image up there.

    • Jason Rains says:

      I mean, not really, it’s kind of a meaningless image without the context that the game gives it immediately beforehand. It’s probably more of a spoiler to point out that it’s a spoiler.

  2. Tyler says:

    The flag is upside down in Fox News’ graphic as well, guys… I feel like this has probably already been mentioned out there, somewhere in the vast expanse of the internet, but yeah. It’s an upside down flag. And nobody at Fox News noticed this before using this? Yeah, I don’t think so. 

    I’m not all up to date with patriotism and all that, but I’m pretty sure an upside down flag is a blatant sign of disrespect.

  3. gridsleep says:

    Especially strange considering the intentionally blatant racist overtones of Bioshock, why Fox News admires that, and the recent report by Democracy Now (, “Counter-Revolution of 1776”) about historian Gerald Horne’s assertion, from recent evidence, that the American Revolution was sparked mainly because the Crown was moving to abolish slavery in the Colonies. The Revolutionary War was fought to guarantee the freedom of Americans…to own black people. Happy Fourth of July, celebrating our right to own slaves.Maybe the rich, white supremacists feel so secure in their views that they can just parade them around like Fox News banners, knowing that any opposition is way over yonder on the other side of those tanks and troops.

    • Plain and simple, whether the Revolutionary War was fought over taxes or slavery, it came down to one thing: greed. We live in a culture that centers around nothing but greed. If something doesn’t make huge piles of money right away, then it is a failure, even if that thing is something totally awesome in the long run.

  4. Kino says:

    No, no. The irony is that a Fox stole a graphic from a game that critiques the poisonous historical and physiological effects of racism, xenophobia, and violence to promote… racism, xenophobia, and violence. 
    “Check mate.” –Ken Levine

  5. Miranda says:

    So? I detest Fox News as much as the next non-Conservatard, but this sort of borrowing happens all the time. For that matter, the Bioshock series is rife with it: the chain tattoo on the protagonist of Bioshock 1 is directly lifted from an old Star Trek TOS series, and the Little Sister/Big Daddy character design is HEAVILY inspired, to put it mildly, by an old Japanese sci-fi short story magazine cover.

  6. NomNomBabies says:

    that’s fox news….

  7. Ohyeah says:


  8. Bernard Mallon says:

    Swagger Jack? Who brought their teenager to work today?

  9. Orionsangel says:

    I guess they figured their 80 year old demographic wouldn’t notice that they took a logo from a famous game and manipulated it to be their crappy logo?

  10. I know we’re all nerds and we should have it locked in our photographic memories, but including a picture of the Bioshock logo would have been nice to compare it with.

  11. Ed Estrada says:

    This is what I found when I Google CNN on violent video games……….. My colleagues and I conducted a comprehensive review of 136 articles reporting 381 effects involving over 130,000 participants around the world. These studies show that violent video games increase aggressive thoughts, angry feelings, physiological arousal (e.g., heart rate, blood pressure), and aggressive behavior. Violent games also decreasehelping behavior and feelings of empathy for others. The effects occurred for males and females of all ages, regardless of what country they lived in.

    • Dave says:

      Absolute ignorance, and absolute bias. Those reports don’t figure in the home life, and conditions that the parents provide. In most cases the people involved were or are babysitted by said videogames without proper intervention on the parents part to prevent the knowing what’s real and what’s not. Asinine to say the least.

      • Maeve says:

        Plus it probably ignores the whole they shouldn’t be playing it because of the rating anyway thing. That’s a problem I kept getting at least.

  12. Ed Estrada says:

    All the news organizations have discussed the influence of violence in video games. Of course if you Google “fox news on violent video games “your gonna get a report on just that LMAO! 

  13. boB says:

    OMG someone I disagree with is using something I like!  It must be for Nefarious Purposes!  Seriously, these sorts of knee-jerk reactions are why liberals get such a bad rap.

    • eruditechick says:

      They poached someone’s art that was created for a game that full tilt lambastes the culture exemplified by Tea Party Conservatives and Fox News. How is that anything less than hilarious?

    • Anddrew says:

      You obviously are not an artist or in any other creative field if you thin it’s okay for them to just rip off somebody else’s work. 

  14. Ed Estrada says:

    This is false. I watch Fox News and the 3 hosts of The Five, loved Grand Theft Auto 5. And talked favorably about its creativity. They have even backed video games as an escape goat for gun violence. They do report the other side of violence in video games too. Fair and balanced. I’ve heard worse said about video games on CNN. 

  15. Walkingdead says:

    Most same people don’t consider Fox News as a credible source of anything.

  16. Ricky says:

    Ummm…Totally wow’d by some of these comments. If your political selves are so shattered by one ironic screen-grab from a video game than I can’t imagine how you must’ve felt when that Romney video got leaked.

  17. Tyvark says:

    It’s a font. Get over yourself, Ken, and get back to dealing with nerd stuff. Stay out of politics because this is not the reason I come to this website. For all this talk of Chris Hardwick wanting to create a positive atmosphere, this only further shows to me how far he is from achieving his goal. Keep your hate for your personal Facebook page.

    • DoddyBigital says:

      It’s not a font, it’s the entire logo.

      Also, Fox News has no place in a “positive atmosphere,” nor does any news network, frankly.

    • seras victoria says:

      It’s not a font, it’s the whole exact logo, copied directly as it is from the game.

  18. John DiBacco says:

    Pretty sure the use of the logo design was more of a nod towards the creativity of it than some crazy example of perceived hypocrisy…. Stick to what the nerdist is about and not your own personal political beliefs…. 

    • Koios says:

      Their use of the logo wasn’t intended to be hypocritical, but it is hypocritical that they used it.

  19. John DiBacco says:

    Malik… . Since you claim in your article that you DO NOT watch foxnews yet in same article claim that foxnews rails against the video game industry…. Absolutely untrue… I do not watch foxnews 24/7 and I am sure that at one time a guest may have had the argument against the industry but I can say for fact that the top commentators debate more for personal responsibility than for blaming the video game industry… 

    • Thanks for the sanity, John! One does not need to be a liberal to be a nerd or enjoy video games, something Malik needs to learn. He made an unsupportable claim, mainly because Fox News, as an entity, hasn’t done anything. To hold them responsible for what a guest may have said, or for reporting something someone else has said, would be like claiming MSNBC was a legitimate news show because they showed clips of Fox News…

      • Ricky says:

        Right, because Fox News’ biggest draw is their reporting. Not the slanderous, unverified, antagonistic stances they take towards mundane things to comfort old white people into thinking that they’ve been right all these years. Or maybe you’re of the next generation…The young Conservative who loves America so much that he wants to kick everyone out of it so that there’s more room for Reagan statues. Who knows? Either way, you’re wrong…Very wrong.

        • Ed Estrada says:

          Name one thing Fox stated that’s slanderous? You mean like claiming young Republicans want to kick everyone out for more Reagan statues. ? 

        • John DiBacco says:

          the only one wrong here is you ricky

        • commonperson says:

          @Ed Estrada Well given that on July 3rd the republican party has tabled a bill to deport the kids who were given amnesty by Obama yeah they do want to deport people. No regarding Fox’s slanderous claims, where to start, let’s set aside the birther and proofer movements they support as well as the Benghazi farce and the fact they have got around integrity in news standards by claiming to be “entertainment” programming not news programming (and the poor sicko who thinks they are entertainment truly needs help).   See with a quick google there’s the 28 million dollar defemation lawsuit against Fox News from judge James Ryan where false information was used as a key part of the report.  They then tried to stifle it using a SLAPP lawsuit (basically using the first ammendment to cover up for shoddy reporting).  Then there’s the statement regarding Benghazi where one individual said the treatment would be different if Sasha and Malia were killed in the attack.  Geraldo (an employee of Fox) attacked the on air personality (Eric Bolling) calling the statements “slanderous” (that’s a Fox employee saying the statements of another Fox Employee whilst on the air at Fox were a slanderous statement).  Then there’s the claim Obama is a Muslim.  That’s always a precious one.  Swiftboating, that’s another fun invention of Fox News.  How about that train wreck of an interview with that writer who did the book about Jesus where they tried to attack him for being a muslim saying he (despite academic acredation) couldn’t write about religions other than Islam (for the record he was a Christian and converted back to Moderate Islam).  How about pretty much anything out of Sarah Palin’s mouth on that network. The reality is they are smart, they are no longer news so they can get away with lying as it is called “entertainment”.  Hardly something to be proud of.

    • rabidkeebler says:

      Ummmm just Google “Fox News Violent Video Games” and this is what I get
      ‘Training simulation:’ Mass killers often share obsession with violent video games
      DC gunman obsessed with violent video games, reports say
      Do violent video games boost aggression? Study adds fire to debate
      Link Between Teen Killers and Violent Video Games?
      Plus, gamer websites report when ever there is a talking head attacking video games.

    • Ben says:

      John…’re wrong man.  On many occasions they have went after the Video Game Industry.  Mass Effect, Sim City and others have felt the IRE of Fox News. (if you don’t believe me there is a thing called “GOOGLE”)  You apparently don’t watch Fox after a horrible tragedy because Video Games becomes the primary scape goat for them.   They never called for ‘personal responsibility” rather they’ve called for these games to be pulled and set witch hunts against developers. 

    • commonperson says:

      So did you not watch the entire Mass Effect attack?  Or how in the past they have attempted to link it to gun violence in schools to the video game Dark Souls?  They have railed against video games plenty of times.