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Fourth of July Viewing: JAWS 3D (1983)

Fourth of July Viewing: JAWS 3D (1983)

With the Fourth of the July rightnow, we here at Nerdist thought we’d offer our readers some all-American movie options to go along with their fireworks and delicious, grilled meats. Sure, you could be outside or at the beach, but if you want to beat the heat, there’s nothing better than a little badass American action.

Here’s what I love about Jaws 3D: the shark is always polite enough to let the water park performers finish off their routines before trying to chomp down on them.

Let Jaws 3D serve as a warning when you go out to the beaches this weekend* that freedom isn’t free from angry momma sharks. In this case, a 35-footer, ticked off that employees at an erstwhile Sea World have captured his baby for their park. Of course, it’s down to Chief Brody… ‘s son (yup, Schneider was done battling the shark) to fend off the toothy menace and make the park free once again for the aggressive capture and confinement of ocean life.

Jaws 3D saw Universal attempting to keep the series alive with more potential victims in an extra dimension. Dennis Quaid and a pre-Back to the Future Lea Thompson star in what was originally planned as a National Lampoon’s comedy follow-up to the first two films. Don’t worry, Jaws 3D is still funny, just not for the reasons Universal intended.

*Shark attacks are statistically very, very rare here in the States. If you see a shark, just leave the danged thing along.


  1. NYCrex says:

    I actually saw this in 3D when it came out. Never knew about the National Lampoon history. It was bad even by a 13 year old’s standards. I remember a bunch of those early 80’s 3D movies. The best (worst) had to have been Treasure of the Four Crowns.

  2. Jeff Edsell says:

    The National Lampoon version was to be titled, “Jaws 3, People 0”. I’m sad that never came to pass. However, this is a fun bad movie to watch, and it does feature a lot of Lea Thompson in a bikini.