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For Weather Nerds: A Decade Of Weather in 3 Minutes



Are you a weather nerd? I know you’re out there. This has been out for a few weeks, but I just saw it (thanks to Laughing Squid) — a time-lapse of 10 years of weather in the Western Hemisphere, courtesy NOAA‘s now-decommissioned GOES-12 satellite. Katrina and Sandy are there, as are the ’05 hurricanes and blizzards.

If you’re not into weather watching and satellite images, it’s just a bunch of swirling clouds. If you’re interested like me, you’ll try to spot the big storms as the 3,641 individual daily images go by. Katrina’s at :45, Sandy at about 2:50, because I know you want to see those. So did I (I was in the path of Katrina when it initially hit Florida, so… yeah, wow…).