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Fly with Superman and Get Your Kryptonian Name

Man of Steel 1

It’s nigh-on two weeks away from the premiere of Warner Bros’ Man of Steel, which, as you’re do doubt aware, is Zack Snyder’s reboot of the Superman mythos on film. In the lead-up to the film’s release, there are two different fun tie-in things to do on the internet to start getting Kryptonified.

The first is a Glyph Creator, which allows you to put in information about yourself and it gives you your Kryptonian name and “Glyph” or family crest. You know, the “S” isn’t an “S,” it means something specific to the El family of Krypton. You can then share your Glyph with the internet and make it a part of your photos.

This is my Glyph. I am a member of the Van family, which is weird because we were much more of an SUV people.

Man of Steel 3

The second cool thing is a game called Metropolis Mayhem. You take control of the be-caped one himself as you fly through Metropolis, avoiding its many obstacles as you try to collect as many S Glyphs as you can. If you smash into five things, you lose, so if you can’t avoid something, you may as well just shoot it with your heat vision. However, you have to give your heat vision time to rest, so you can’t just go a-blasting everything in sight. I didn’t get very far, but that’s because I have bad depth perception. It’s hard being Superman, it must be said.

Man of Steel 2

Hopefully this’ll tide you over until Man of Steel flies (faster than a speeding bullet, mind) onto movie screens on Friday, June 14th. Get your capes and onesies ready.


  1. Partha says:


  2. Branch says:

    Wondering what is my kryptonian name is or my family crest would be ?

  3. Branch says:

    Wondering what is my kryptonian name is ?

  4. michaelalexkawa says:

    Thanks for the links , I am part of the Re family .