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Flip Your Own Damn Lid

Fans of cheesy, incoherent, trippy 1970’s Saturday morning live-action schlock, rejoice: DreamWorks Animation is making an animated “Lidsville” movie.

No, really, they are. It’s actually happening.

“Lidsville,” some of you on the older end of the Nerdist spectrum might recall, was a Sid and Marty Krofft creation, about a world populated by talking hats and Butch “Eddie Munster” Patrick and Charles Nelson Reilly as Horatio J. HooDoo. I am not making this up, although I wish I was.

They aren’t sure whether it’ll all be animated or a combination of live action and animation, but they do know it’ll be 3D. They haven’t cast it yet, either, although I would nominate the proprietor of this site, an experienced animation voice hand, as one of the hats. I can hear him as a sporty fedora or possibly one of those giant foam ten-gallon jobs.

And if this leads to “The Bugaloos: The Movie,” it needs to be stopped right now.