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Flip Out For Telltale Games and Zen Studios’ THE WALKING DEAD PINBALL

Flip Out For Telltale Games and Zen Studios’ THE WALKING DEAD PINBALL

What do you do when you’ve crafted an award-winning video game series full of of emotional devastation, pathos, and flesh-eating monsters? If you’re Telltale Games, you team up with Zen Studios to create an incredibly detailed pinball table based on said game. And today that’s exactly what the two companies did, unveiling a teaser trailer for The Walking Dead Pinball.

In a press release, Telltale Games SVP of Publishing Steve Allison described the game: “Players once again get to step into the shoes of Lee Everett and protect Clementine as all the major events of season one play a role in the first ever pinball game that features choice and consequence gameplay.” Usually, my choice is to get frustrated and smack the pinball machine, and as a consequence, it’ll read “Tilt” and steal my hard-earned quarters. To be fair though, I never had to deal with choices in my pinball games about who to leave behind during a walker attack.

The game will be available as a digital download later this summer on consoles, PC, and mobile platforms. Those of you lucky enough to make it to E3 will also get a chance to try out the game in person. In the meantime, start steeling yourself now to prepare for the most emotionally devastating game since Heavy Rain Video Poker.

What’s the most cripplingly sad pinball game you can think of? Let us know in the comments below.