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Five Nerdist Podcast Network Shows Make Rolling Stone Top 20 Comedy Podcasts List

Five Nerdist Podcast Network Shows Make Rolling Stone Top 20 Comedy Podcasts List

Rolling Stone magazine has posted a list of “The 20 Best Comedy Podcasts Right Now,” and we’re proud that five — five! WOO-HOO — of our own Nerdist Podcast Network shows are on that list. FIVE! Wow. We are humbled. Did I say wow? Wow.

Our honorees include:

4. Thrilling Adventure Hour: “Where many podcasts might be described as hastily assembled, rudderless fishing pontoons, Thrilling Adventure Hour is a showboat: Opulent, unhurried and delivering passengers to their destination in style.”

5. You Made it Weird with Pete Holmes: “(T)he closest a listener can be to stand-ups tangentially riffing without eavesdropping at the bar after a show.”

7. Nerdist Podcast: “The show’s spirit is lighthearted and genuine, as are the laughs that arise.”

18. The Indoor Kids: “Their ability to talk fluently about advancements in Halo character control or Bioshock spoilers gets the geeks onboard while inviting anyone who might be less familiar to chuckle at the minutea of their infatuations.”

20. Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction: “Its audacity alone is compelling enough, but in its best moments, the gross jokes transcend porn mechanics to become a titillating delight.”

As I said, wow. And special note should go to Katie Levine, who rules over Nerdist PodcastLand, for all of her hard work making the above possible. Thanks to the folks at Rolling Stone for the honor, and congratulations to our Dining with Doug and Karen host Doug Benson for getting on the list with Doug Loves Movies and to all the others on the list. We’re going to go blush some more now. And while we do that, go read the whole thing and then listen to all of our fine podcasts, because there’s more where that came from, y’know.


  1. You are correct ahd the post is corrected.  Typo in our favor- that’s gotta involve a penalty…

  2. erik says:

    Very happy for all the podcasts. Not trying to be picky or downgrade b/c I love Indoor Kids, but I believe they were #18 not #8.