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Fish Mooney Gets the Spotlight in New GOTHAM TV Spot

Fish Mooney Gets the Spotlight in New GOTHAM TV Spot

While Marvel continues to dominate the silver screen landscape in both box office totals and critical praise, DC is doing everything it can to maintain control over the medium it has owned since the ’60s, television. This season will see the premiere of four new DC-based series in Constantine on NBC, The Flash on The CW, iZombie also on The CW, and Gotham on Fox. The Batman prequel/Jim Gordon mustache origin story has been shaping up to be one of the more interesting adaptations for the fall, and while there’s plenty of source material to mine, the series creators did still want to infuse some freshness into the show, and that’s where Jada Pinkett Smith’s villainous gangster Fish Mooney comes into play in this new TV spot:

With all the promises that have been made about what villains we might see, stretching from the eventual appearance of The Joker to word that the writers are trying to work in Mr. Freeze, it’s nice to see them still trying to have a little fun with the world and not just the preexisting material. Fish Mooney looks like a devilishly cool character (that appears very easily cosplayable, just saying) that has a real hold over the entire Gotham underworld. Could she be the biggest foe Gordon will be facing come September? We’ll have to wait and see.

Gotham premieres Monday, September 22, 2014 on Fox.

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