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First-person GTA V Looks Oculus-ready

First-person GTA V Looks Oculus-ready

What would it be like to explore the open world sandbox of Los Santos in the first-person? With a little scripting manipulation and a modded Xbox 360 (don’t try this at home, kids), one YouTube user was determined to find out.

The mod, shown off in the video below, offers a somewhat stable first-person view (the camera occasionally clips through the character’s skull and the line of sight seems to terminate in a slightly conical view). Its creator, XBLToothPik, was able to access the debug menu for GTA V using a modified Xbox 360, which allows users to change in-game variables like weapons and, of course, player perspective. In the first video, XBLToothPik shows Franklin walking around Los Santos and shooting his gun, while the second features driving sequences in both a car and a plane.

This kind of view is often used by developers to get a better look at in-game assets and the environment, although more often than not it’s used with a flying camera not bound to the player character. And before you go complaining about the look and close-up details of some of the assets, keep in mind, Los Santos was never meant to be seen from this angle. I’d personally like to have seen more of the combat, along with the cover mechanic.

While it’s not exactly perfect, I could easily see this being a pretty cool mod for the Oculus Rift when Grand Theft Auto V comes to the PC later this year.

HT: XBLToothPik via Eurogamer

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