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First Look at Brea Grant’s “Best Friends Forever”

Last year, Brea Grant went off and made a movie called Best Friends Forever, we talked to her about it, and you guys helped her finish it through Kickstarter. In terms of wearing hats, Brea pretty much wore them all on this one by co-writing, co-starring, producing and directing this film about a road trip through the apocalypse. We’re very happy to see that Brea has not only finished her film, but it is an official selection at the Sundance-alternative film fest Slamdance in Park City, Utah. Indiewire has the first look at the trailer and the film makes its debut on Saturday, January 19th.



  1. Anamatria says:

    This looks really awesome! Excited to see it… :)

  2. Zuri says:

    It’s interesting, I make shorts with my friends too and we are also focused on female friendship…I feel like in LA we expect to be in competition with other girls when the other girls are really cool…intelligent, love movies, well rounded, alive and fun, They’re people I want to be friends with and by supporting each other and making our own stuff we don’t have to conform and get stuck in a guy’s view of what a girl is. (Once I started making stuff I realized how easy it is to get stuck in only your worldview, thinking of men as props, and am learning how not to get stuck there but it may take a while.) It’s always good to see women making movies…the more we make the better we get.