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First Full Trailer for BIG HERO 6 Shows Off a Fun World

First Full Trailer for BIG HERO 6 Shows Off a Fun World

Now that the voice cast for Big Hero 6 has been revealed, the first full trailer has been released. This film already has me wrapped around its little finger… er, robot finger? Like the teaser, this preview focuses on Hiro Hamada and Baymax, but it also gives a peek at the entire team of heroes in action. The group forms after a mysterious man in a mask starts attacking people in San Fransokyo.

The trailer introduces the premise of the film nicely. We’ll probably get more in-depth looks and video introductions of the heroes as the November 7th release approaches, but this is a fine start. Hiro visits a police station to file a report about the masked man who attacked him and Baymax with microbots, but the officer is not impressed and nor does he believe Hiro. It’s easy see why the young robotics prodigy, voiced by Ryan Potter, is motivated to put together his own crime-fighting squad.

Take a look:

It’s official. I want a Baymax of my very own. The robot looks so friendly, squishy, and lovable, and he’s already made me laugh out loud repeatedly. He reminds me of a giant Adipose from Doctor Who.

Beyond the adorable robot, I’m impressed with the beauty of the city. Again, we can spot more anime influences in the design of San Fransokyo, and the trailer appears to showcase the details and quality you’ve come to expect from a Disney film.

What do you think of the first full length Big Hero 6 trailer? Jump to the comments and share your opinion.


  1. Nathan says:

    Is it just me or is TJ miller… suddenly in EVERYTHING. 

  2. The Nerdwork says:

    Did you spot Hans from Frozen in the trailer? HINT: 1:16

  3. Niko Bautista says:

    Being half-Asian, and half-White, I’m happy that Disney is working hard to recognize that “half-casts matter too!” Now if people can stop giving my parents crap, for being a mixed-race couple, that would be great.

  4. Andy says:

    This looks really cute :)