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First “Django Unchained” Pictures!

Here’s a thing that has me mondo excited: The first pictures from Quentin Tarantino’s new spaghetti western film, Django Unchained, have been released. The images, from The Hollywood Reporter‘s website and first displayed at Entertainment Weekly‘s site, depict some of the big names attached to the epic film.

The first shows Leonardo DiCaprio’s character, evil plantation owner, Calvin Candie, as he’s apparently going to do something nefarious with a hammer.

The second shows Jamie Foxx’s titular slave-turned-bounty hunter walking alongside Christoph Waltz as Django’s German bounty-hunting mentor, Dr. King Schultz.

I could not be more excited for this. Tarantino is known for referencing spaghetti westerns in the past, specifically in Kill Bill, and I can’t wait to see what he can do when he actually makes a western. The film is due to be out this Christmas, but to tide you over, here’s the trailer for the original 1966 film from which this one gets its name.


HT: The Hollywood Reporter, Entertainment Weekly

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