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Firefox The Third

I failed to contribute to the record-breaking (or, "record-making" since they were the first to establish the official record) 8 million plus downloads on what is sure to be dubbed "Firefox Tuesday" by no one you want to hang out with. I really had planned to wait a few weeks to let it settle, but I just went for it because I’m a sucker for flashier buttons and a browser decision really shouldn’t carry the same weight as deciding on, say, a girlfriend or a home. So far, so good. In fact, I’ve noticed a nice little bump in the speed of my browsering (I make up a lot of words). Specifically, Gmail is loading twice as fast. On the downside, I hate the predictive drop-down menu in the address bar when you start typing in a URL. I’m hoping there’s a way to knock that crap off.

Overall it seems like the Mozilla enclave did a nice job and the price is right at FREE. I would advise, however, that if you are an add-on whore you might want to wait until the majority of developers catch up, compatibility-wise. I lost *they updated it on 6/19* Dictionary Tooltip (which throws a pop-up of knowledge in your face when you click on a word you want defined) but retained Lifehacker’s Better Gmail, password manager 1Password and Foxmarks (a bookmark sync tool if you’re running multiple machines).

Thank you, Firefox. You really are the flaming fox that hugs planets.


  1. The Nerdist says:

    Dan, if there were nerdist t-shirts, one would be on its way to you right now. If there was teleportation, that’s how you’d get it. Thanks for the tip! If any other Nerdists have good Firefox tweaks please feel free to contribute.

  2. Dan Telfer says:

    A friend just alerted me to a way to turn that address bar nonsense off:

    Type in about:config in the address bar then change the value for browser.urlbar.maxRichResults from 12 to -1. No results at all will come up.