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Find Out Whose Voices Will Haunt Your Dreams in THE EVIL WITHIN

Find Out Whose Voices Will Haunt Your Dreams in THE EVIL WITHIN

After the Resident Evil game franchise’s slow descent into full-blown action movie territory, many gamers have been craving a return to traditional survival horror. Well, Raccoon City fans will have to settle for a HD remaster of Resident Evil, but the series maestro, Shinji Mikami, is taking his talents to Bethesda with the seriously scary-looking The Evil Within. Set to release on October 14, the game puts you in the shoes of Detective Sebastian Castellanos, who is called in to investigate a grisly mass murder at a psychiatric hospital. Naturally, nothing good can come from investigating murders at psychiatric hospitals, and Castellanos is ambushed and knocked unconscious. When he awakes, he is trapped in a horrifying basement dungeon filled with all manner of gruesome supernatural creatures and crazed loons hellbent on separating him from his flesh. Sounds scary, right? Having played the game for an hour or so, I can assure you that you’ll want to invest in Depends before this October.

Now, Bethesda is taking you behind the screams with a new video showcasing the game’s considerable voice acting talent. Stepping into the bloody vest of Detective Castellanos is Hell on Wheels‘ Anson Mount, who is evidently a huge video gaming fan and has admired Mikami’s work for quite some time. Dexter‘s Jennifer Carpenter will be playing Sebastian’s junior partner, Detective Juli Kidman, and the game’s main antagonist, Ruvik, will be voiced by someone who put terror into our hearts as Rorschach in Watchmen, Jackie Earle Haley. It also helps that Haley has played Freddie Krueger too, so you know his horror credentials are bona fide. The very best part, though, might be Mount’s favorite part too: watching the Japanese actors go through the terrifying motion capture required for the game’s many thrills, chills, and spills. If your heart rate is soaring after watching The Evil Within gameplay videos, you’ll always have these lightbulb-covered dudes to help bring you back to reality.

The Evil Within is available October 14 on PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.


  1. That is pretty cool :-) Thanks for this. Hadn’t even heard of this game till a friend tagged me in a share. Can’t wait to play and it’s different having faces to go with the voices :-) lols I remember some of the old games they mentioned