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Felicia Day, Everyone!


Many thanks go to Felicia Day for co-hosting “Attack of the Show” with me today. She was hilarious with a generous side of charming and I’m not going out on any limb when I say she is one smokin’ cookie! (Felicia, I hope that doesn’t sound douchey)

If you ever get the chance to host a show with her, I suggest you do it!


  1. GeeMrPeabody says:

    She is Absolutely Gorgeous, nd loaded with plenty of wits. You two made a great team!

    Are you listening, G4?

    ARE YOU?!

  2. Johnny Oz says:

    What are you talking about Reed?
    Hardwick is Sexy. 😉

    That being said, Felicia is one pretty lady. :)

  3. Rick Reed says:

    ya know, don’t read a whole lot into this brother, but you two would make some pretty good lookin kids! Ok, more from her side… (Last bit added so as not to sound gay… 😛 )

  4. mike says:

    too drunk to rub one out to this pic. hope i remember it in the morning.

  5. Ridgby says:

    I actually did a double take when I first saw today’s episode. But that doesen’t mean that it wasn’t TOTALLY INCREDIBLE. You two need your own cable access show.

  6. dlew says:

    I think we can all agree, she is remarkably banging.