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COPS: SkyrimCOPS: Skyrim

Feel Officer Jenkins’ Fury in a Double Dose of COPS: SKYRIM

Thu’um goes the dynamite! COPS: Skyrim is back and the boys in blue (and yellow, and red, and gray) are here to make sure no sweet roll goes stolen, no prostitution ring goes unstung, and no internal affairs case goes unresolved. That’s right — even in Skyrim, the 5-0 has to deal with complaints of police brutality and excessive force, and this time the unlucky target of public scrutiny is none other than the Wolf of Whiterun, Officer Jenkins. In this epic battle of willpower, wits, and patience with the taxpayers, who will win? Who will die? Find out as Officer Jenkins goes head to head with his toughest enemy yet — his own temper and court-mandated anger management classes in Episode 1 Above.

Season 4, Episode 2

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