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Feast Your Eyes on the Massive Ensemble Behind the GODZILLA Score

Feast Your Eyes on the Massive Ensemble Behind the GODZILLA Score

The more you ponder  how an orchestra operates — the pulsing rhythms, the churning swells — the more apparent it becomes that the collective of brass and strings is a giant unified organism, in constant motions of coordination and recalibration. Perhaps not entirely unlike our kaiju friend Godzilla, whose every move would be a feat of physics and choreography, especially given the fact his existence is utterly impossible.

When Godzilla director Gareth Edwards talks about how music is supposed to be integrated into his film, he drops the word “organic,” which is very significant from a narrative standpoint. Composer Alexandre Desplat’s movements feel very in tune with how the audience ultimately interacts with Godzilla. By doubling up many of the instruments in his ensemble, he is able to gradually construct tension and then channel intense moments with the precision of a sweat bullet. It is quite cool to see the process of scoring such a massive project.

A quick anecdote: This past weekend I was listening to Steve Reich’s Music For 18 Musicians while driving through what was undoubtedly the worst thunderstorm I have ever seen. The sky, spanning my entire periphery, erupted with lightning every few seconds and emitted a molten red glow. It was cinematic to the point that Godzilla might as well have been lurking in the fog that consumed the entire landscape.

Check below for a few more behind the scenes shots courtesy of Legendary’s Instagram account!


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