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Fear the Monkeys on “The Kids in the Hall”


The monkeys are behind that locked door in this week’s classic clip from The Kids in the Hall on the Nerdist Channel. These aren’t cute monkeys, Dave Foley’s Mr. Lewis assures us. They’re vicious, mean-spirited monkeys. And they’re an ever-present threat that hangs over the entire populace. He who has the monkeys, it appears, has the power, although Mr. Lewis says that it’s not having the monkeys that confers the power, it’s not letting them loose.

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  1. Jason Dole says:

    That was great! Not one that I remembered much, so great surprise.. Does anyone know any of the few specific sketches Dave wrote with Bruce?

  2. Scrib says:

    Too funny. Both the sketch and the post-sketch interview. Love me some Kids In The Hall!